Space Organization

Home and office organization Once we understand the use for a room, or a closet, or a drawer, or a desk, we can then sort and clear the broader space of all that doesn’t support the use from that space. The spaces I can help you with range from closets to entire apartments, offices to hobby rooms, and from libraries to digital spaces.

Estate organization and clearing It was handling the effects of my mother’s estate that made it clear to me that there must be other people who are in need of someone to help them make order of their possessions when they’re in the midst of transition–whatever that transition is. In my family’s case, it was my mother’s terminal prognosis. I have helped other older people sort their possessions as they transition from a full household to an assisted-living facility. I am available to help you or your relative sift through their belongings to prepare for their transition.

Home Staging

Space planning and design Many times we begin to use a room or a closet for one use and discover that it doesn’t contribute at all to the way we actually live our lives–especially as things change and we adapt to new circumstances. Space planning allows us to examine how we use our rooms and to reconsider that use or refine it. Once the use is determined, we know better how to sort and clear it.

Home decoration and staging After the space has been planned, we add the emotional layers of color and texture and creating vignettes. If you need to prepare a house for rent or sale, I can help you arrange your furniture (or rent some) and belongings and prepare the house or apartment or office space for that transition.

LET’S PARTNER. My work can extend your services. Are you an interior designer or architect with client who needs help clearing a room before work? Perhaps you’re an estate planner, a medical practitioner, or a lawyer who helps people transition into their new life.  I can help your clients clear their space and prepare for the next stage in their lives.